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  • Our easy to use entry levels and methodologies offer a fast & accurate Inventory Management.
  • Integrated Floor based invoice preparation at a single counter: For multi level shopping concept, to reduce the crowd and time related issues after shopping at main billing counter.
  • Unique Cash Counter module for easy Cash Management.
  • Approval Issue is specially designed under a unique CRM concept.
  • Maintain and monitoring of customer data and it helps to implement CRM activities.
  • Agent Management: An accurate method for managing Agents, Agent Payments, Agent Billing, Agent Outstanding etc.
  • Stock Management: Our Opening stock entry & Stock in/Out modules and Inventory modules guaranteed most accurate stock management.
  • Tailor Management: Includes Tailor Material Issue, and receipt.
  • Consignment Management helps to process Parcel consignments and complete monitoring on Consignment Status and Porter transaction.
  • Custom user interference helps managing user rights and offers a High Security management on user level.
  • Tax group creation at a single point offers a customizable integration with Accounts, Products and all the inventory transactions.
  • Generate complete transaction details based on Multiple Area wise stock.
  • Department wise monitoring of stock and transactions.
  • Multiple series facility for billing.
  • Support Barcode printing, Window/dos based printing, compatible with all the available printers in market.
  • Customizable reports to help to get data as you wish.
  • 200+ reports help you to analyze data with different point of view and implement business policies accordingly.

Salient Features

  • Tailor Made Inventory Management for user friendly operation.
  • Cash counter module for easy money management.
  • Fully Integrated Web interface for shoppers to check their point and latest arrivals.

Inventory Features

  • Integrated Floor based invoice preparation at a single counter.
  • Easy to use entry levels and methodologies for a fast & accurate Inventory Management.
  • Product multi- level classifications.

Splendid Features

  • Easy and fast billing.
  • Discount sales stock transferring.
  • Various inventory reports.
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