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Customizing a general ERP solution for Textile Industry is an extremely demanding task, as often the people involved in the customization don't have specific expertise of the sector which limits the usefulness of the solution; this is where TRAFIQ™ steps in. TRAFIQ™ is a fully integrated software solution designed and developed specifically for the Textile industry which handles sales and purchase order management, automated warehousing accounting and billing functions. Developed exclusively by software engineers with extensive know-how of the Textile industry, this software covers the entire Textile domain, With TRAFIQ™ you get a dedicated platform whose functions have been designed based on from feedback evolved from within the industry. Every significant step in the textile and apparel supply chain is fully catered for in this solution by taking advantages of the latest advances in supply-chain integration and IT technology. The costs of TRAFIQ™ software in the medium to long term is well below that of an ad hoc system or a general ERP package. With TRAFIQ™ you will benefit from a completely integrated system that is subject to continuous further development and thus represents a long-term investment.




TRAFIQ™ enables textile manufacturers and distributors irrespective of size to capitalize on revenue opportunities, improve inventory availability and time-to-market, tightly manage margins, and stay ahead in this highly competitive business environment so that they can optimize supply chain performance and maximize profitability and efficiency.

Salient Features

  • Tailor Made Inventory Management for user friendly operation.
  • Cash counter module for easy money management.
  • Fully Integrated Web interface for shoppers to check their point and latest arrivals.

Inventory Features

  • Integrated Floor based invoice preparation at a single counter.
  • Easy to use entry levels and methodologies for a fast & accurate Inventory Management.
  • Product multi- level classifications.

Splendid Features

  • Easy and fast billing.
  • Discount sales stock transferring.
  • Various inventory reports.
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